Bye Bye Tibériade · 20.05.24 @EyeFilmmuseum · Amsterdam

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Bye Bye Tibériade

Lina Soualem, 2023, 82′

At the age of 23, Hiam Abbass (known for her roles in Red SatinThe Visitor and Gaza mon amour, as well as the hit series Succession and Ramy) took the difficult decision to leave her grandmother, mother and family behind in the Palestinian village of Deir Hanna to pursue an acting career in Europe. In the following years, she returned to her parental home each summer, accompanied by her daughter Lina Soualem, who would go on to direct Bye Bye Tibériade. Each of these family visits was recorded on home video.

This event is part of In Songs and Scenes from Palestine,

In Songs and Scenes from Palestine, we get to view the history and cultural identity of the Palestinian people through their own lens. In this programme, Palestinian artists and filmmakers allow us to share in their culture and their stories. They watch and listen attentively to the personal stories of resilient Palestinians seeking contact with the place where their families lived, cried, sang, dreamed and loved for generations. The selection is made up of recent, powerful documentaries and artist films that shine a new light on archival footage, and in which the relationship between landscape, culture and identity plays a major role.

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