get involved!

Are you a programmer, cultural worker, organisation, collective or venue that supports Palestinian liberation, Palestinians’ right to self determination and return, and a life of freedom and dignity for all, from the river to the sea? Then you are welcome to join United Screens for Palestine!

How it works

  • If you have already decided on a Palestinian film you want to program, where and when then fill out our form. We use this info to add and promote your event through our website and social media channels. Please note that as part of the Refusing to Disappear program we are only programming films made by Palestinians with no Israeli funding, as per the PACBI guidelines.

  • Insert our flyer or logo in your promotional material. You can download various versions of the logo here.

  • When you announce your event on Instagram make sure to create your post as a collab, tag us and if possible include our flyer. Our Instagram page is here.

  • On the day of the event do project our flyer before the film screening and if possible mention some words about our initiative or read our program statement.

  • We strongly encourage our partners to donate the money raised through ticket sales to local, national or international charitable organisations that support the people of Gaza and Palestine.


Unfortunately we have no means to advise on movie selection, film directors, speakers, screening fees and rights, and so on. Instead we invite you to explore our film and event catalogue for inspiration .

We also suggest you check the Palestine Film Index for reference. This is a growing list of films from and about Palestine and the Palestinian struggle for liberation, made by Palestinians and those in solidarity with them. The catalogue contains a must read statement by the Palestine Film Index.

And do check the extensive Film Archive of the Palestine Film Institute and their wonderful Film of the Week program where you can freely access and discover old and new Palestinian films every week.