In the Shadow of Beirut · 25.04.24 · 7PM @Cinema Galeries · BXL

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In the Shadow of Beirut

Garry Keane and Stephen Gerard Kelly

In Arabic, with English subtitles

From the makers of Gaza, comes a new cinematic odyssey that penetrates deep below the surface of Beirut, a still beautiful, yet deeply troubled city on the brink of financial collapse. In the Shadow of Beirut weaves four compelling storylines together in a searing portrait of a people and a city on the brink, yet who possess unmistakable qualities of resilience and hope. Through intimate, character-driven storytelling, the stark reality of life for the protagonists of the film is symbolic of many thousands of others who fight for survival in a city, once described as the Paris of the Middle East, but now boasts the highest refugee numbers in the world. A city and a country that many are now desperately trying to flee. The film is brutal and at times heartbreaking, but ultimately beautiful in the connection that it forges with its subjects, which co-Director Stephen Gerard Kelly achieved over a six-year period. In the Shadow of Beirut is Ireland’s selection for the 2024 Academy Awards in the Best International Feature category.

This film is part of the Irish Film Festival in Belgium

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