Le Cantique des Pierres · 02.04.24 · 6.30PM @PetitCine ERG · BXL

Free entrance

Le Cantique des Pierres

Michel Khleifi, Palestine, Belgium, 1990, 105′

In Arabic, with French subtitles

She is from the Galilee, he from the West Bank. These two Palestinians met in the early 1970s in Jerusalem and fell in love briefly. He was then sentenced to life by the Israelis for an act of resistance, she left for the USA, full of bitterness and disappointment. About fifteen years later, in the heart of the first Intifada, they meet again and their passion is rekindled. This love story is crossed by the reality of the Palestinian revolt which is filmed in the form of a report, on the borders of fiction, document and story, violence and poetry. Both talk about each other, love each other and fill the gaps created by their unfinished love.

Michel Khleifi was born in 1950 in Nazareth and is a Palestinian director, notably behind the film Noce en Galilée in 1987. He lived in Nazareth until 1970. He then went to Brussels to take courses at the INSAS. He graduated with a degree in theater, radio and television directing in 1977. Working for Belgian television, he was entrusted with the production of one-hour reports for the program À Follow, a weekly news magazine. He then produced numerous reports. For Belgian radio, he produces and broadcasts several programs. In 1980, he made his first feature film, La Mémoire fertile.

More infos: https://www.instagram.com/qahr.projections/

This event is part of Qahr/قهر, a cycle of weekly screenings (every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.) aiming to contextualize and make visible the suffering and oppression inflicted on the Palestinian people, for decades, by the Israeli Zionist government. The program is composed of films and short films addressing this theme through both documentary and fiction, our wish also being to show Palestinian life and culture beyond the colonial presence. The aim of this proposal is to raise awareness and open a space for exchange, dialogue and information.قهر/qahr was born on the initiative of students from the ERG and the ArBA.